When Your Cells Feel Good – So Do You

When Your Cells Feel Good – So Do You

Our focus at McCord Health is helping people feel better, and we do that by looking at the fundamental needs of the body. Feelings of fatigue, stress, anxiety, and illness are directly related to the health of cells that comprise your organs and body.  If your cells are unhappy, they let you know by causing inflammation and disease.

Don’t we all just want to feel better more often? 

When we look at all of the unhealthy things we sometimes do, and the healthy actions we take to counter those unhealthy decisions – the one thing they all have in common is that we do them to make ourselves feel better.

Oftentimes we accept the consequences of an unhealthy choice for the short term satisfaction – like eating that extra piece of dessert, or skipping a night at the gym.  But we also recognize that making healthy choices can help us feel better over the long term – helping us avoid illness, disease, and disability.  Our life is a constant balancing act between the things that will make us feel good now and the things that will make us feel good later.  Is it possible to have both?

Healthy Happy Cells Make for a Healthy Happy Body

Our focus at McCord Health is helping people feel better now and later – and we do that by looking at the most fundamental needs of the body.  We know that feelings of fatigue and illness are directly related to the health of the cells that together comprise your organs and entire body.  If your cells are unhappy, they will let  you know by causing inflammation, dysfunction, and disease.

Nourishing Your Cells with Vitamins, Minerals and Antioxidants

How do we keep our cells happy?  By giving them what they need to flourish and thrive – vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants – while limiting and removing the things that make them unhappy – toxins, metabolic waste, and free radicals.

Our patented Proprietary Blend formula works by getting into the cells and triggering the processes that clear out the waste and turn on the defenses.  Combining Olivamine with other essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and plant-based antioxidants ensures that the cells have everything they need to feel good – and as stated before, when your cells feel good, YOU feel good!  


  • Do you have general feelings that you just aren't running at 100%?  Try VitalBoost and MultiVitamin to give your body the boost it needs.
  • Feeling stressed or anxious?  Try CalmMind to help feel more at ease.
  • Trouble sleeping?  Try SleepHealth before bedtime and wake up feeling well rested!
  • Tired during the day?  Try EnergyBoost for a mid-day pick me up!

Feeling Better Means a Lifelong Commitment To Healthy Lifestyles

Feeling good doesn’t always happen overnight, and there is never a permanent solution when it comes to feeding your cells.  The cells in your body need nourished and protected every single day.  Consider that you may have several decades worth of unhealthy choices that take time to undo.  That’s why we always talk about the path to better health being a journey and a lifelong commitment. 

Our Commitment to You

It is our mission at McCord Health to help people feel better. We strive to help people find remedies to common health and nutrition-related questions and concerns. It’s our hope that both the information and Proprietary Blend products we provide help you feel great and lead a healthier, happier life.

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