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About Us

McCord Health, Inc. scientifically explores where thought has never gone before - where everything is possible.  

Committed to Science, Committed to Excellence

Our Focus

We set our coordinates with an intellectual focus that enables us to find solutions not imagined by others.

Our Mission

Never satisfied with the status quo, we aim to find answers that push the boundaries of thought and possibility, bringing real world cutting-edge solutions into existence.

Our Team

From our research scientists to our raw material suppliers and manufacturing teams, every member of the McCord Health family is deeply committed to creating the highest quality cutting-edge medical products for those who want and need remedies they can trust.

Breakthrough Science

McCord Health is a truly visionary company that imagines ground breaking solutions to the major obstacles facing modern health and wellness, and works diligently to bring those solutions into existence to improve standards of practice and quality of care. We utilize state-of-the art research laboratories to carry out the research needed to validate the safety, efficacy, and consistency of every product we bring to market. As a result, the research and development efforts of McCord Health, Inc. have been granted dozens of scientific patents worldwide.

The demand for high-efficacy nutritional supplements and skin and wound care products has expanded over the past two decades and McCord Health has remained an unparalleled industry leader. The company’s products have treated millions of patients and more importantly it has done so with clinical outcomes that outpace the competition.  

Olivamine was originally developed in 2002. Over the next 20 years the combinate ingredient has garnered 11 patents in categories that include wound care, nutrition, cancer, cell renewal and capillary integrity. Research and product develop continues as new discoveries provide an ever-expanding platform for Olivamine-based products.

McCord Health is continuing to expand into revolutionary treatments for bacterial and fungal diseases within the global medical and agriculture fields. The company has two pending patents that cover the elimination of pathogens that cause disease and death in humans, animals and plants. While there are already many completed studies on the technology, additional studies are underway to build upon the knowledge and scientific evidence for the use of the exclusive technology in chronic and traumatic wound care, enteric infections, and agricultural applications.

McCord Health, Inc. is primed to expand its portfolio in 2022 to provide the next generation of industry-changing technologies for skin and wound care, nutrition, and antimicrobial regimens for human, veterinary, and agricultural applications.