Proprietary Blend is entirely different than anything you have tried before. The ingredient is a combination of small molecules that are scientifically proven to enter cells and restore and repair them for renewed health. Only your body knows where the need is the greatest. As you read the testimonials below, you will find our products resolved all kinds of health problems. We don’t treat symptoms. We treat cells, and in doing so, the symptoms are resolved.

“The Pinnaclife system is very beneficial, cost effective, certainly as far as medicines go, not expensive, and I think it really is an asset for anyone whether in good health or a diseased state to get those supplements. I trust Proprietary Blend-based products and recommend them to my patients.”

David Nacos, MD


Trusted by Physicians and Hospitals

For nearly two decades physicians have prescribed Proprietary Blend-based products. Our Proprietary Blend is time-tested and trusted by the medical community. In an environment where products must be safe and effective, our 20-year-long success is based upon developing science driven products that improve the quality of life for people around the world.


Trusted – “When MD Medicine Doesn’t Work”

As a family physician, Dr. Nacos has treated thousands of patients. Coming from a small community, the people he cares for are more than patients, they are family. This makes caring for his patients more personal and results in greater selectivity and breadth of his chosen treatments. Dr. Nacos trusts Olivamine-based products and recommends them to his patients as part of their care.


“Taking supplements provides that good healthy foundation – I liken it to a house that if you don’t have a good foundation it cracks and falls down. If you can get a good healthy nutritional foundation, you’re just healthier – your immune system is healthier.”

Lucinda Harms, PharmD


Chosen for Hospital Formularies and Pharmacies

Hospital formularies and pharmacies have selected Proprietary Blend-based products as their first choice for patient care for nearly two decades. In the hospital setting it is always about safety and efficacy. Olivamine-based products are the leading brand because they successfully treat patients when other products fail.


Chosen – “It’s Difficult, if Not Impossible, to Get Everything from Diet”

As a trusted pharmacist, customers that have health issues that are affecting their daily lives have asked Lucinda Harms for help. Everyday health issues like fatigue, lack of sleep, taking charge of their health, and feeling better about their choices are important to them. When it comes to supplements, she recommends Proprietary Blend-based products.