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Renew, Repair, and Revive

Proprietary Blend is entirely different than anything you have tried before. The ingredient is a combination of small molecules that are scientifically proven to enter cells and restore and repair them for renewed health. Only your body knows where the need is the greatest. As you read the testimonials below, you will find our products resolved all kinds of health problems. We don’t treat symptoms. We treat cells, and in doing so, the symptoms are resolved.

Customer Endorsements

“They (Proprietary Blend Pinnaclife) backed me up with Proprietary Blend. I believe that’s partly what helped me to get through this. It took away the fear – because I felt that I was going to be OK. I didn’t feel that I was ever in jeopardy.”


“What made me such a believer in the products was that it made scientific sense. How the products were developed, how they were used as a balance – and used all together to make perfect sense about how it can help your body and help your cells. ”

Nancy B.

“I’ve noticed a big difference in several things – first my nails are growing faster and a lot stronger. I’ve also noticed a difference in my complexion. I feel like my hair has gotten thicker and it’s fuller. I love the product and I’m going to keep on taking it. It’s great.”

Mindy B.

“I’ve battled a bad back for the last 20 years – and as soon as I started taking Olivamine, within 8 days my sciatic nerve pain went away. Tendonitis in my right elbow is gone – I had some shoulder pain and that’s gone away.”


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