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Focused Research

For thousands of years the earth and plants have been the source of healing nutrients. Discovering the exact mechanism of any natural ingredient is the hard part. It’s very difficult for any company to research natural materials beyond “known” scientific discovery. However, this is the hallmark of McCord Health/Research.

We were the first company to delve deeply into the healing power of the olive. We were able to unlock the single most important molecule within the olive and we became the only company to successfully commercialize this molecule. Because of our research and development tens of millions of patients around the world have benefited. Our groundbreaking work is allowing patients to live with a renewed sense of hope and an improved quality of life.

Like the olive, the healing power of clay has been sought out for thousands of years. Its medicinal powers have stood the test of time. All clays have healing powers but there is one specific clay that rises above all the rest. This rare clay is found in one place on earth. Known as the “healing clay,” Oregon blue clay is uniquely antiseptic. This specific blue clay kills pathogens (bacterial and viral) that are known to kill humans, animals and crops. Blue clay selectivity kills only the “bad guys” and then it gently treats and heals normal cells.

McCord Health/Research is currently developing blue clay health care products to treat wounds, shingles and C-diff. Treatments for animals and crops are also being developed. Can you imagine an antibiotic-free world? We can, and the answer lies in our exclusive rights to blue clay.