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Pharmacist Reviews

“I often recommend supplements to patients who come in for a prescription or foods. We have such depleted diets in this country that it’s really difficult if not impossible to get everything that we need from our diet anymore.”

Lucinda Harms, PharmD



“Taking supplements provides that good healthy foundation – I liken it to a house that if you don’t have a good foundation it cracks and falls down. If you can get a good healthy nutritional foundation, you’re just healthier – your immune system is healthier.”

Lucinda Harms, PharmD


Chosen for Hospital Formularies and Pharmacies

Hospital formularies and pharmacies have selected Olivamine-based products as their first choice for patient care for nearly two decades. In the hospital setting it is always about safety and efficacy. Olivamine-based products are the leading brand because they successfully treat patients when other products fail.


Chosen – “It’s Difficult, if Not Impossible, to Get Everything from Diet”

As a trusted pharmacist, customers that have health issues that are affecting their daily lives have asked Lucinda Harms for help. Everyday health issues like fatigue, lack of sleep, taking charge of their health, and feeling better about their choices are important to them. When it comes to supplements, she recommends Olivamine-based products.


Safety First – Color-Coded Supplements

Most hospitals rely on color-coded packaging to ensure patient safety. To help improve the safety profile of our products, we use color-coded bottle caps, labels, and capsules. Color association is proven to make it easier to remember which supplement has been taken. Quality, Safety, Science – the hallmarks of Olivamine Pinnaclife’s products.



Easy to Swallow

Careful consideration has gone into all aspects of the Olivamine-based products. We use capsules instead of tablets. They are easy to swallow and eliminate unwanted binding ingredients found in tablets.



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