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The Choice of Elite, Champion Racers – When Fitness Matters Most

Pinnaclife’s World Champions

Pinnaclife’s elite 55+ bike racing team became world champions in 2018. In that same year they won the California State Championship and the USA Championship. The Pinnaclife team not only became World Champions, they beat the world record by a full 3 seconds. Pinnaclife, the Choice of Champions.



“You know what I noticed the most was? It appeared as I took it to give me better recovery, so I’m able to recover better between races. Between races, our whole body has to recover, and Olivamine helped me to rest better and I was able to get back on the program for the next race.”

David P.



“Some of us might lift weights in the offseason for a couple of months to build our core base. We continue to focus on building our base miles – making sure our aerobic engine is strong to prepare us for race season.”

Jason J.



“The preparation of going into a race – the excitement and anxiety is very high. Having your team members around you sort of reduces and dissipates that stress. You really learn to know one another’s back wheel so to speak – you really can relax when you’re riding with people that you train with all the time, and if you’re racing with them that same degree of comfort exists.”

Wayne R.



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