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The Science

It’s our goal to help every person feel better, live longer, and be the best version of themselves by providing safe, natural, and (most importantly) effective supplements – and that means taking a science-first approach in all we do.


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Research-Driven Formulas

Years of research and application in the medical arena showed Olivamine’s powerful healing effects. Its role as a medical-grade skin care product resulted in the birth of an industry-leading line of products used in hospitals and nursing facilities around the world.

Subsequently, through research and development, it was shown that the benefits of taking Olivamine orally were even greater than when used on the skin. That was the birth of the Olivamine Pinnaclife supplement line in 2004.


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Dedicated Experts

Our team includes members with extensive backgrounds in biochemistry, pharmacy, and nutrition. All are dedicated to creating the highest quality nutritional products to improve safety and health outcomes for the people who need them.


Natural Ingredients

Natural Ingredients

McCord Research develops nutritional products using safe and effective natural ingredients supported by science. Olivamine’s key ingredient, Hydroxytyrosol, is made from the highest quality olive extracts.


“Science and helping others experience the best quality of life are my passions. Every day I work to make sure that we are producing effective supplements that will make a real difference in the quality of your life.”

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