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“The Pinnaclife system is very beneficial, cost effective, certainly as far as medicines go, not expensive, and I think it really is an asset for anyone whether in good health or a diseased state to get those supplements. I trust Olivamine-based products and recommend them to my patients.”

David Nacos, MD



Trusted by Physicians and Hospitals

For nearly two decades physicians have prescribed Olivamine-based products. Our Olivamine is time-tested and trusted by the medical community. In an environment where products must be safe and effective, our 20-year-long success is based upon developing science driven products that improve the quality of life for people around the world.


Trusted – “When MD Medicine Doesn’t Work”

As a family physician, Dr. Nacos has treated thousands of patients. Coming from a small community, the people he cares for are more than patients, they are family. This makes caring for his patients more personal and results in greater selectivity and breadth of his chosen treatments. Dr. Nacos trusts Olivamine-based products and recommends them to his patients as part of their care.


Safety First – Color-Coded Supplements

Most hospitals rely on color-coded packaging to ensure patient safety. To help improve the safety profile of our products, we use color-coded bottle caps, labels, and capsules. Color association is proven to make it easier to remember which supplement has been taken. Quality, Safety, Science – the hallmarks of Olivamine Pinnaclife’s products.



Easy to Swallow

Careful consideration has gone into all aspects of the Olivamine-based products. We use capsules instead of tablets. They are easy to swallow and eliminate unwanted binding ingredients found in tablets.

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